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Aids kills nearly 6,000 people each day in Africa (most of them in sub-Saharan countries). Many are young adults, and in Africa alone over 11 million children have been left behind as orphans of this disease. These numbers keep growing and are clearly daunting. We need a united effort from all sides - governments, international organizations, researchers, non-profits and individuals like you and me - to help find solutions for this pandemic. Salvaging the lives of 11 million children in the world is beyond the means of any one of us, but helping just one child to have a better life is something that almost any of us in the western world can afford.

Your contribution of $25 a month will support a child in the Lake Victoria region of Tanzania. This support includes organic food, school uniforms, clothes, school and other supplies and healthcare for the orphans and their guardians.

Just $25 can make a dramatic difference in the life of one of these orphans. It can mean the difference between life in the streets, or life with a caring foster family, educational opportunities, health care and the nutritional support that all children deserve. I hope you will consider making a difference in the lives of one of these children.

Here are pictures of three orphans waiting for sponsorship. Please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or click on the Donate button below if you would like to become a monthly sponsor.

If you choose to use the Donate button below, please enter $25 per child you would like to sponsor and write the name(s) of the orphan(s) you would like to sponsor in the "Designate my donation" field. We will contact you upon receiving your donation to setup a recurring monthly auto-payment that will charge your credit card $25.00 on the 25th or each month there after. If you would prefer, you can send check payments to Global Resource Alliance, 963 Oso Rd, Ojai, CA 93023.

Thanks for making a difference,

Tara Blasco
Sponsorship Coordinator

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Issa Rajabu
Born: 1994
Guardian’s name: Chausiku Matara (born in 1955)
Relationship: Aunt
History: Issa’s parents died of AIDS; his father in 1996, and his mother in 2000. The parents left three children under the care of Issa’s aunt, Chausiku. She is a peasant living with another two children who depend on her for support.

Issa is 12 years old, and in fifth grade at the local primary school. His favorite subjects at school are English, Geography and Math. He is currently participating in the Tumaini Kwa Watoto program and lives in Nyakato ward, within Musoma urban, in the Mara region of Tanzania.

Adamu  Juma
Guardian's name: Nyangeta Juma
Relationship: Mother
History: Adamu's father died of malaria in 2002. He is fortunate to still be in the care of his mother. She is a peasant and, although in poor health, provides for Adamu and four other children. Adamu joined the Tumaini Kwa Watoto program in 2009.